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Crochet Mystery #15
featuring Molly Pink and the
Tarzana Hookers

Molly's life is in an upheaval. This time instead of her son bringing home cats or a dog, it's a baby. She has to deal with all while going under cover to unravel a murder. But who is really behind getting her to do it? There's plenty of food, fun, romance, mystery and of course, yarn.

"Mystery fans would do well to add Hechtman's sleuthing wordsmith to their reading lists" - Publishers Weekly

Yarn Retreat Mystery
Book 9

Casey mixes yarn craft with a mystery game and gets murderous results.   Read an excerpt

And most Independant Bookstores

Writer for Hire Mystery
Book 4

"A well-written mystery with plenty of charismatic, guilty-looking characters"
- Kirkus Reviews

"This cozy is good fun." - Publishers Weekly

Veronica is hired to write copy for a home and garden tour and gets caught up in murder when one of the homeowners dies.

Read an excerpt

Crochet Mystery
Book 14

Molly gets a life changing offer while dealing with drones, short term rentals, orphan yarn and the news she's going to be a grandmother.
Read an excerpt

In addition to all her dessert and muffin making, Casey Feldstein puts on yarn retreats that feature knitting and crochet. She was late to come to the crafts but has learned to love using needles and hooks. Not only can she enjoy the magic of watching a ball of yarn become a scarf or a blanket, but the process itself can soothe the soul. Veronica Blackstone knows all about that and crochets squares when she's stressed. And Molly Pink,--well crochet has been the key to the new chapter in her life.

It isn't an accident that there is yarn in all my books. I love crochet and knitting and like writing about people using hooks and needles. I have always liked making things or as I saw it creating something out of nothing. So imagine the joy of watching a ball of yarn turn into a hat, a scarf, a stuffed toy. You don't have to be an expert to get pleasure and stress relief from working with yarn. I personally find crochet easier and more forgiving. Mistakes are easier to fix than in knitting. But knitting has it advantages like it's easier to see the stitches when using textured yarn. Both of them are portable and can be very soothing.

Since my books are cozy mysteries, while there is a murder or two, there won't be anything too graphic and the story won't be too dark. If you read before you go to sleep, your heart won't be racing as you drift off.

I like to say that while there are dead bodies, everyone has a good time. There is a lot of friendship, food and fun.

So, when I heard that branding yourself was a thing now, I kind of mashed everything together and came up with Yarns with Yarn, Murder and Fun as my tag line. What do you think?

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