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My latest book is Knot Guilty, crochet mystery #9 -- and For Better or Worsted, crochet mystery #8 is out for the first time in paperback. I think the Berkley art department has done another outstanding job with the covers.

People often ask me if they need to read the crochet mysteries in order. They are all stand alones, but to get the full emotional wallop, it is probably better to read them in order.

People always ask where I get my ideas from. Sometimes from real life. In If Hooks Could Kill, crochet mystery #7, a TV film crew has taken over several streets near Shedd & Royal Books and More. The idea for the back drop of the book started when a notice of filming was left at our front door. Whenever a film crew is going to be working on my street, they always notify the neighbors. In this case, it was a house down the block. The notice gave the dates and times they'd be working and the name of the TV show.

In If Hooks Could Kill, the shoot was for L.A. 911. In real life, my neighbor's house was being used for Dinner with a Rock Star. Rock star? Did a rock star live down the street?

My street is normally quiet without many cars parked at the curb. For the shooting days, everything changed and suddenly the whole block was parked up with equipment trucks, a catering truck, portable dressing rooms, and various vans. The street was filled with a parade of people walking up and down in their own parallel universe.

I should mention we don't have sidewalks, so when the street is parked up, it is really hard to walk my dog. But at the same time all the activity was exciting. The front yard of the neighbor's house was unrecognizable after they got finished bringing in all kinds of extra greenery and then lit the whole thing.

Determined to find out who the rock star was, I went down the street. In my books, Molly knows all her neighbors. It isn't exactly true for me. I actually know more of the animals by name on my street than the people.

I took my dog with as a prop and played nosy neighbor as a way to talk to a production assistant. I found out the rock star wasn't my neighbor. The owners of the house had registered it with a film location service. As for the identity of the rock star, it turned out it was somebody so obscure the production assistant hadn't even heard of them. They filmed until midnight and by the next morning everything was gone and the street had returned to normal.

I used the experience in my weekly blog on Killerhobbies.blogspot.com and one of the comments suggested it was a great set up for a murder. Something like the film crew leaves and there's a body left behind. And I took it from there.

Just a heads up. Knot Guilty, crochet mystery #9 comes out in November, but it is available for pre-order now. Molly and the Hookers head for a yarn show...

Knot Guilty

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